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Maryland JCI Senate


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Phil Pugsley, 1951-1952 JCI President from Canada was the founder of the JCI Senate.  It was officially adopted at the 7th World Congress in Melborne, Australia in 1952.  Since then 70,000 Jaycees worldwide have received this honor.

The first Senator was Joaquin V. Gonzalez, the Outstanding JCI Secretary General from Manila.  He was posthumously sponsored after perishing in a plane crash following teh Philippine Junior Chamber's annual convention.  The second Senator was Phil Pugsley and the third was John Armbruster, Charter Member of the Junior Chamber movement.  Each Senator is assigned a number.  The lowest number assigned to a Maryalnd Senator is #287, Edwin Dosek.  We are not certain what chapter he is from.  The Senators meet at the World Congress annually.

The United States JCI Senate was formed in 1972 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Leo Briere of Illinois was the founder and first secretary.  James O'Connell was the Charter President.  The annual meeting and elections are held at the US JCI Senate Annual Meeting in June of each year.  The national newsletter Mentors is distributed to all paid members. 

The JCI Senate of Maryland had its beginning under a committee and became active in 1978.  Our by-laws were formally adopted in 1979 and James Hubbard was elected as the first Maryland JCI Senate President.

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